Spring Cleaning in 2021

By Tara Tyrrell

Spring Cleaning in 2021

Spring is coming and that means it's time to think about the big clean. It's an important task for everyone, but it's especially important for allergy sufferers. The importance of spring cleaning has taken on new meaning in the age of COVID as well. Ultimately, even though it's a chore you need to see it was a way of keeping you and your family safe! It doesn't have to be the mammoth task it seems, we're here to make your spring clean a little bit easier.

The Cleaning Rota

Whether you are tackling the job yourself or you have a team of (un)willing participants, a cleaning rota is a great place to start. Sit down and work out all of the areas that need tackling. You can prioritise your list of tasks and assign jobs to each person. Schedule it and make sure it happens on time.


Clutter doesn't just look messy, it is messy. In addition to increasing your stress levels , it also gives dust more surface to cling to. With the world spending more time at home, you need to treat it like the castle it is. That means decluttering, organising junk drawers so they are simply drawers, getting into your cupboards and closets, and dusting! A clean home will help you keep a clean mind.



Before you can begin, you will need to check your supplies! It isn't just the cleaning products and accessories you need, have you considered investing in a HEPA vacuum? A great vacuum will help you tackle more than just dust. Going HEPA will catch all of those invisible airborne particles that send your allergies haywire. Hoover accessories such as hoses, brushes, and tools will help you do the job if you don't have a HEPA vacuum. A steam cleaner can also be a great option for appliances, bathrooms, outdoors, tiles, hard flooring, and microwaves. It's a green product that relies only on hot water vapour.

Plan of Attack

You should always clean top to bottom to force all debris to the floor and the last job is cleaning the floor. It is the most efficient way to clean, ensures you don't have to double any job and will leave your home as clean as can be. When we say top to bottom we mean it, you can't forget about your walls and ceilings just because you don't see dust.

The Checklist


□ Vacuum, mop, steam cleaner

□ Dust cloths

□ Broom

□ Disinfectants, etc

□ Kitchen roll

□ Boxes to pack and remove clutter

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