How COVID19 Has Changed The Way We Clean – Forever

By Tara Tyrrell

How COVID19 Has Changed The Way We Clean – Forever

When the bells chimed to ring in 2020, there was a growing news story about a virus in China. Little did we know, that by the end of March 2020 it would be on our shores. It hasn't just changed the way we do things; it will change the way we do things forever. We are now more aware of germs than ever before.

Something else 2020 taught us was that a lot of people didn't know how to wash their hands properly. Thankfully, a slew of videos has straightened everyone out. At least, we sure hope so. In addition to hand washing, we learned the value of a strong hand sanitiser. One without the other is fine, but the two combined? Now we're talking superhero level of cleaning. So now you know how to use soap and water, what comes next?


First things first, you need the right equipment. Once you have your sponges and sprays, you need to take a moment to read the instructions. In the past, you probably sprayed down a surface and wiped it away. But, guess what? Every cleaning product has a contact time which means it needs to sit on the surface for a certain amount of time to kill the germs before you wipe it down. Before you even think about spraying your surfaces, be sure to give them a wipe down to remove any crumbs, dust, or visible dirt and grime.


High-touch surfaces have been in the limelight since last year. While hot spots like countertops were obvious there are plenty of forgotten high-touch points. Game controllers, doorknobs, remote controls, power points, steering wheels, handrails, keyboards, and now that you're thinking about it you're worried, right? There's nothing to worry about, you just need to ensure you are being more thorough with your cleaning schedule.

What do you touch more than anything, but never clean? Your phone! Think about the filth contained on and around your screen? It would boggle your mind if you took a swab to it, but don't worry because you can wipe it down. Just be sure that the products you use are the right ones for the item you're cleaning, especially sensitive items such as mobiles.

The Process

Start by cleaning your surfaces with soap and water (or detergent and water). Once you have completed the initial clean you can tackle it with a disinfectant. While there are plenty of natural products, vinegar isn't the product to use to kill viruses and bacteria.

There are plenty of small tips you can apply as well, such as leaving your shoes at the front door. This will help improve allergies as well as preventing the spread of outside germs and odours from getting into the rest of your home. The same goes for changing your clothes as soon as you arrive home.

Keep your home and personal space as clutter-free as possible, it is far easier to maintain a clean environment when it isn't cluttered. Make your cleaning sessions regular, it's much easier to keep on top of when you do it often. High-touch areas should be cleaned at least twice a day. If you want to find great products to help you on your sanitising journey, check out our  website today.


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