Are You Cleaning As Efficiently As Possible?

By Tara Tyrrell

Are You Cleaning As Efficiently As Possible?

Regular cleaning is important at the best of times, but even more during a pandemic. Especially as cleaning properly with the right products has been shown to remove particles of the COVID-19 virus from household surfaces.

Keeping a house clean at all times is a challenge. And with all that’s going on in our lives right now, time is even more of a precious commodity. That’s why we’ve asked for advice from the professionals who said there’s definitely a right way we should be doing it. So with no further ado, here’s the official way you should clean your house to maximise your time.

Tidy Up Before Cleaning

You don’t want to stop after getting your hands all wet and dirty with all that scrubbing and cleaning. So the best thing to do before you start cleaning is to make the whole job easier for yourself by taking some time out upfront to put everything away. It’s always much easier to clean your home properly without heaps of household clutter getting in the way.

Start With The Hardest Room

It might be the smallest room, but it’s easily one of the dirtiest. And as droplets of faecal matter from flushing toilets can spread bacteria, germs, and viruses all over your bathroom it’s also important to clean it correctly. It’s much more time-consuming and labour intensive, you should always clean the bathroom first. That way it’s done and everything else will seem like a breeze.

Dust From Top to Bottom, Left To Right

Now the bathroom is done, you should tackle all of the dusting next. This is because gravity causes the dust to land everywhere, especially on the floors. Make your way through your home with a duster, starting from the top of each room like the ceiling fans and working your way down. Also remember to clean from left to right as you go, because you’ll be less likely to miss anything or clean anything twice.

Household Surfaces

Everything you touch has the potential to spread germs quickly throughout your home. In fact, it can take as little as 2 hours for bacteria from a doorknob to circulate to around 65% of the home. So, make use of any spare time by regularly taking care of small tasks like cleaning and sanitising all high-touch household surfaces with disinfecting wipes or cleaning products. That means all handles, railings, countertops, faucets, tables, remotes, telephones, computers, and light switches.

Clean The Kitchen

Follow the same rules as dusting when cleaning your kitchen by going left to right and working from the top down. Use grease-cutting detergent to wipe down all kitchen surfaces like counters, cabinets, appliances, stovetops, refrigerator, microwave, and rangehood. And don’t forget the kitchen sink!

Clean floors last

Save the easiest job till last when cleaning your house. Because now that all your floors are covered with dirt and dust, it’s a pretty basic job to clean up with a vacuum, broom, and mop. Start by vacuuming in rows on all floors throughout the house. Yes, even on hard surfaces like the bathroom and kitchen as vacuuming is easier than sweeping and the end result is the same. Once you’ve finished vacuuming your floors, you can then scrub or mop all of the hard surfaces.

Remember, cleaning your house the right way means having the right mindset, and quality cleaning equipment. It doesn’t have to be a chore. Get stuck into it but try to have a little fun with it too. 


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