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Vol. 3 Wild Life Brewing Co

Vol. 3 Wild Life Brewing Co

From an idea born between mates in country Victoria, Wild Life Brewing Co was created.
They knew that they had to brew something simply delicious - and made for the way people drink in the country.
Hi Team! This series is called The Mess Makers. What is it that you make?
It's no surprise here at Wild Life Brewing Co. we make Beer. Anyone who has ever done a home brew will tell you its 10% brewing 90% cleaning. Well that's what it feels like haha.

Tell me more about how Wild Life Brewing came to fruition?
On a seemingly normal Friday night many years ago, a few beers in watching the footy and solving the world's problems. The sentence was spoken “ how good would it be to open a brewery”. From there we never looked back! The three of us have boot strapped the business from the ground up.  Always striving to educate and introduce our town to good local beer while building a brand people can be proud of.  We might be small now but we have big dreams and want to take everyone that supports us on that journey.
Talk me through your creative process for your limited edition beers, how do you decide on the flavours and notes?
We really just brew the beers we love to drink. Sometimes they're more out there than others, but we always try and keep them balanced.
What makes a good beer to us is drinkability, would you take a 6 pack to a BBQ?

The limited range is about creating a safe place for locals to try new beers and not be afraid to try something new and different.

How does Wild Life reflect your personalities?
The brand was built around what we love doing. Getting out into the wild, camping and fishing. It quickly evolved to be anyone's “wild life” that might be driving fast cars, sports or maybe just reading a booking on a quiet afternoon.
It's all about beer you can take with you. The freedom to do what you love.
What has been the most difficult part of getting Wild Life to where it is today?
The hardest part of having a small business is money, then chuck a pandemic into the mix. We have a very small team and pull some huge hours to make sure we can keep the money coming in. Money isn’t everything but when you are a producer you have to be always thinking about the next batch.

How did you come across Scrub Daddy, and how does he help you at the brewery?
We were at one of our suppliers picking up some new equipment when we saw the Scrub Daddy at the counter for sale. I had seen it on Shark Tank, and thought why not give it a go. 

Share a favourite recipe/hot tip/local haunt
When we want to have knock off drinks, we love to go to Shingo's Lounge - Coldest beer on the planet, with good tunes and nice people. If you ever passing through Shepparton make sure you pop in there. It will be an experience you won’t forget.
To see more of Wild Life Brewing head over to their website
Also give them a follow on their Insta @wildlifebrewingco

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