You Can't Dodge Cupid's Bow Forever – It's Time To Fall In Love With Cleaning

By Carl Pronti

You Can't Dodge Cupid's Bow Forever – It's Time To Fall In Love With Cleaning

You love a clean home, but you don't love cleaning? Join the club – you're one of the many. But if you want to make a change and turn your love around, we have the tips to help you get there.

Clean As You Go

Cleaning can give you a sense of accomplishment, but the best way to stay on top is to clean as you go. If you're making a massive meal, start the kitchen cleaning process before it’s over. Wipe the counters down as you work, and clean pots, pans, and utensils as you use them.

There's nothing quite like walking out of a clean kitchen before you sit down to dinner; all you need to worry about is the plates you're using and the serving dishes.

Make It Smell Good

Your sense of smell is powerful, and if you use pleasant cleaning products, it can flip a switch to take a task from mundane to rather enjoyable. Fabulosa famously smells incredible, and from the seasonal limited edition products to the standard bearers, there's a lot to make you happy.

Cleaning Kit

Invest in a handy basket and stock it with your favourite cleaning products. When there's cleaning to do, grab your kit and take it with you. It's easier to get into the swing of cleaning if you don't have to hunt high and low for all the cleaning products you need to tackle a task or room. You could also invest in specific cleaning kits for the kitchen and bathroom and one for the rest of the home.

Pump It Up

Everything is better with music, so blare your most upbeat playlist, hit play on a podcast, or try listening to an audiobook while you tackle your chores. Whether it powers you through the laundry or keeps you company while you clean the kitchen, audio provides you with entertainment that gets you in the flow.

If you're working in one spot, put the television on and catch up with your favourite show while you fold the laundry or organise the kitchen.

Treat Yourself

Look, you're an adult, you should be able to clean without needing a little treat for doing it, but… treat yourself anyway! You deserve something for all that work you just put in; once you finish cleaning sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy a little treat. Plus, knowing there's a treat waiting is a powerful motivator.

Let The Love Flow

Even if you don't fall in love with cleaning, the hints and tips we've provided here will certainly help you hate it a lot less. It won't feel like a chore if you don't let it build up until it feels overwhelming. Take everything bit by bit to make it part of your daily routine so, it's something you do without even thinking about it.

Good news – you can shop a full range of cleaning products at CleanHQ, whether you obsess over Scrub Daddy products, can't get enough of Fabulosa, or need to stock up on The Pink Stuff.


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