The Importance Of Using Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

By Tara Tyrrell

The Importance Of Using Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

In the past few years, anti-bacterial cleaning and disinfecting has become commonplace in the home – and in some circumstances, it’s essential. Products with antibacterial properties are made to kill bacteria and prevent its growth. And because they can be used in conjunction with water and are efficient at eliminating oily grime, they make for a quick and easy method of domestic cleaning.

While many people associate these products with harsh chemicals, it’s not always the case and there are plenty of great options that are completely safe to use around the home.

Here’s what you need to know about the importance of anti-bacterial cleaners, and our best (and safest) product suggestion.

Why Use Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

Protect against COVID-19: We’re probably stating the obvious with our first one, but if the past three years has taught us anything – it’s that COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, but if you use great anti-bacterial products, wash your hands regularly and (if necessary) wear a mask, you can avoid it.

Destroy bacteria and mould: And if it’s not COVID you’re running from, these products might also prevent the spread of influenza and the common cold. Other microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, are harmful to the human immune system, so stopping their spread should be a top priority.

Reduce musty smells: An accumulation of bacteria and dust can cause musty and dusty smells in a home, so keeping things clean with a good anti-bacterial cleanser will help the eliminate – and keep the smells away.

Improve air quality: Whether someone in the home suffers from seasonal allergies, or they are living with asthma, being a home full of dust and high bacterial levels will be detrimental to their health. While humidifiers and air purifiers may help, they won't work if dust and bacteria are allowed to build up in the home. So cleaning is essential.

Enjoy better general health: According to research by Indiana University, people with clean houses are generally healthier than those who have messy or cluttered homes. A clean house can reduce tension and anxiety, and it also has positive effects on physical health as well – the more you clean the more exercise you get!

What Products Should You Use?

There are so many anti-bacterial products on the market, but if you’re going to go with one brand, look no further than the Fabulosa range.

Fabuloso is a cleaning product that was first developed in Venezuela in the 1980s – and it changed the way people there cleaned their houses forever with its uplifting fragrance and potent cleaning power. The multi-action composition makes it suitable for cleaning a wide variety of hard surfaces, while the neutral pH of the all-purpose cleaner makes it suitable for cutting grease and removing dirt and grime from any hard surface. It's non-toxic and of course, it’s 99% effective against bacteria and other pathogens.

Want to test it for yourself? Check out the range in the CleanHQ store.


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