CleanHQ’s Top Tips on How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

By Carl Pronti

CleanHQ’s Top Tips on How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Every part of your home needs a thorough cleaning now and then, but the bathroom? It demands some extra TLC. It's like a germ party in there - from the shower curtain to the toilet lid, and even your toothbrush (yikes!). If you don't keep things in check, those pesky germs can spread around the house causing all sorts of nasty illnesses like pneumonia or skin infections.

You want to make sure you clean those faucets, showers, tubs, and toilets at least once a week; but there are other ways you should also keep on top of things. Here’s what you should consider for a deep clean of your bathroom.

  • Declutter

Clutter gathers on bathroom counters quickly, from hair products to skincare and beyond. Step one of a deep clean is to return everything to its rightful home and lift bath mats and towels for cleaning. Grab a cloth and cleaner and wipe down all of the surfaces and products you use – from shampoo bottles to toothbrush handles. Remove everything so you can clean freely and open the window.

  • Vacuum & Dust

Dust from top to bottom and then vacuum every surface in the bathroom. You'd be surprised by how much dust is floating in the bathroom air, and then there's all the loose hair that ends up on the floor. Vacuuming makes it easier to deep clean by giving you a clean slate to start with. Finish this stage of the deep clean by wiping down all the surfaces.

  • Clean the Shower

If you use Astonish daily, then deep cleaning your shower will be an easy process. There won't be build-up to scrub through. Start by wetting the floors and walls of the shower and hone in on any mildew you spot. If you live in a hard water area, then you might have some stubborn stains to deal with but an abrasive pad will help. Rinse off any grim once you have scrubbed, and then shift your focus to the shower curtain or glass. A curtain can be machine washed, but if you have a door or glass, you need to get into the edges to deal with build-up.

  • Clean the Toilet

Begin the toilet deep clean with the bowl – you can use a scrub brush and cleaner. Follow the instructions to the letter to ensure the deep clean is completed properly. It takes 10 minutes to process after distribution, so in the meantime, you can close the lid to sanitise the toilet's exterior. Use a disinfectant spray and coat the toilet from the top of the tank to the base. Adhere to the contact time and wipe down the toilet when the time is up. Give it time to dry, open the lid, scrub the interior and flush.

  • Deep Clean Floors

The final task is to deep clean your floors – grab your trusty mop and The Pink Stuff's Miracle All Purpose Floor Cleaner. It leaves your floors brilliant and shining, and you don't even need to rinse the floor after use.

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