6 Places You Must Clean Before Christmas Guests Arrive

By Tara Tyrrell

6 Places You Must Clean Before Christmas Guests Arrive

The countdown is on. Not long now until all your guests start arriving for Christmas. And if you’re lucky, it will be a family reunion of interstate travellers who can finally get together after months apart. Yay! Now, you’ve organised where they are all going to sleep, you’ve got the food menu prepared, and you’re almost ready for them to start knocking on the door. Except, for one last thing – the cleaning! Here are six places you need to get stuck into before your guests arrive, and our top tips for a quick, efficient clean.

1. The Front Yard

Curb appeal is everything these days and if you have guests arriving for Christmas, you want to make sure you front yard is looking schmick. Tidy up the yard and put away any junk or toys, mow the lawns, weed the gardens and give your front porch or path a good sweep.

Top tip: Give your front door a scrub and remove any dirt or debris to ensure your castle’s entryway looks inviting.

2. The Bathroom

When your house is overrun with people, you can only keep them outside or in a contained space for a certain amount of time. At some point, they’re all going to have to use the bathroom (even the ones who are still in nappies), whether for toileting, washing hands or baths. Make sure you’ve wiped down the bathroom completely, and check for any mould – this is particularly prominent in summer as mould loves humidity!

Top tip: Keep your toilets clean and fresh and ready for bulk use with some quality toilet cleaner.

3. Your Windows

One of the first things your guests will see when they pull up the driveway is all your windows. Or if they’re in the house, looking outside, they’re going to notice it as the bright sun shines if they’re looking a little dirty. Give them a quick clean and wipe down so you can enjoy the views better, inside and out.

Top tip: An antibacterial cloth is a simple solution to ensure your window’s remain streak-free and safe for little hands (and tongues – cause little kids love to lick windows for some strange reason).

4. The Kitchen

Christmas is all about the food... okay, so it’s also about the gift of giving and spending time with family and the religious aspects and ... who are we kidding? It’s about the food. And you can’t have good food at Christmas without having a great kitchen setup. Make sure you have everything nicely organised, and nice and clean. You don’t want to be in the middle of making a trifle and your wooden spoon has gone walkabout, and you certainly don’t want to give everyone food poisoning because you didn’t clean your working space better.

Top tip: Use an antibacterial cleanser to keep your benches looking clean and smelling amazing!

5. The Laundry

With all those Christmas events, your washing has probably started piling up and it’s beginning to look like you have a mountain, rather than a mole hill, of clothes to clean. Get your washing machine and dryer working in sync to save time, or you can tidy your laundry, without spending hours washing clothes, by getting a big dark coloured storage bin with a lid – it’s a great place to hide laundry until you have time to push through it.

Top tip: Save yourself time on loads of washing with Spray & Wear – it kills 99% of all germs and makes your clothes smell fresh enough to wear again!

6. Your BBQ

Aussies love to BBQ at Christmas. Long gone are the days of hot roast lunches – after all, when you’re sweltering in 35 degree heat, the last thing you want is to slave over a hot oven for hours on end. The beauty of a BBQ is that you can still enjoy hot meat, with cold salads, and because you’re outside already, it’s a lot cooler than a scorching kitchen. But you want to make sure it’s sparkling clean before your guests arrive.

Top tip: The Pink Stuff is fantastic for getting rid of any dirt and grime that might be leftover from last Christmas (or last week if you’re a more regular barbecue-user).


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