5 Good Cleaning Habits to Help Stop COVID-19 Spread in the Colder Months

By Tara Tyrrell

5 Good Cleaning Habits to Help Stop COVID-19 Spread in the Colder Months

We all do our best to stop the spread of COVID-19 through vaccinations and boosters. Ultimately, though, the key to stopping the spread of COVID comes from our daily habits and how clean we keep ourselves and our households. While it might seem impossible to keep COVID at bay, we can all do so much with such small actions to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Here are five things to get in the habit of during the pandemic to help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Wear & Wash Reusable Masks

It goes without saying at this point that you should definitely be wearing a mask outside of your home. But its important to remember that unless you’re wearing single-use clinical masks, you need to change out your reusable mask once every other use and wash your masks thoroughly (by hand) with soap and water and then hang to dry.

Wipe Down High-Touch Surfaces

One of the most overlooked things that can make a difference in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 into your household is the number of high-touch surfaces that aren’t wiped down once you return from the outside, having touched a number of surfaces while out and about. For this, you’ll want to use Fabulosa’s everyday antibacterial cleaner, in combination with the Minky cloths. These antibacterial microfibres are great for trapping hard-to-capture germs like those that carry the COVID-19 virus.

A routine wipe-down of high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, bag handles, shoes and more is a great way to mitigate the spread of COVID.

Wash Your Hands

Again, this should go without saying, but it is critical that you wash your hands more often than usual during this time. When you come in from outside, make sure you use soap and water or hand sanitizer and give your hands a quick scrub. Similarly, after every bathroom use and after cooking - perhaps more vigorously than normal. A simple two-minute hand wash will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 into your home.

Use Removable Shoe Bags

An often overlooked surface for the travel of germs is the bottom of our shoes. Not to be a hypochondriac, but you should invest in a simple small package of removable/throwaway shoe booties - these covers for your shoes will trap dirt and can be removed and thrown away once at home, thereby reducing the risk of carrying germs into the home on the bottom of your shoes.

More Thorough Cleaning of Home

While we’re sure you’re cleaning vigorously, you should pay special attention to cleaning areas such as the bathroom more attentively, as this is where germ hotspots tend to be. This means using products like Astonish’s bathroom range, allowing you to have the peace of mind that you’ve cleaned the surfaces of the bathroom to the best of your ability!

Keeping yourself and your family safe from COVID-19 simply requires a greater sense of vigilance and attention to detail. Use CleanHQ to get the best cleaning products to ensure your home is as clean and virus-free as possible!


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