Revitalise Your Washing Machine with Vamoosh: The Ultimate Deep Cleaning Guide

By Carl Pronti

Revitalise Your Washing Machine with Vamoosh: The Ultimate Deep Cleaning Guide

Hair clogs are notorious for causing breakdowns and subpar performance in washing machines. If you're tired of stubborn dirt and lingering odours on your clothes, it's time to give your washing machine the deep clean it deserves. Rather than changing laundry detergents, you should make a point of deep cleaning your washing machine on a regular basis.

Experts advise cleaning your machine at least every three months, or even monthly if used heavily. You have to clean the things that handle cleaning for you. Luckily, Clean HQ has the perfect product just for that – Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner.

The Deep Clean Process

Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner offers 6-in-1 action, including the ability to dissolve hair! So, if you have pets in the home or long hair, this washing machine cleaner will break down the hair to prevent those pesky clogs that interfere with the appliance's peak performance. It also tackles dirt, limescale, bad odours, and bacteria.

Traditional detergents don't address hair, which is what causes major clumps and clogs, adding additional stress to your plumbing system. It couldn't be simpler to use!

The product comes in a single sachet, so all you need to do is add the contents to your washing machine's dispenser drawer. The washing machine should be completely empty during this cleaning cycle. You will want to select the hottest and longest cycle on your dial, ideally between 85 and 95 degrees. If your machine doesn't have a preset for this temperature, check if you can adjust the temperature manually. If you aren't particularly concerned about hair clogs, you can stick with 60 degrees.

How Does Vamoosh Work?

Vamoosh aims to create environmentally friendly products, so you won't find any harmful substances on the ingredients list. Because hair fibres don't simply break down in the water, Vamoosh makes use of technology that breaks down the bond in keratin to break hair down into smaller pieces, so it simply washes away. It doesn't use bleach or other harsh chemicals to get the job done.

Shop Vamoosh Products at CleanHQ

If you want to keep your washing machine in the best condition possible, then you need to undertake regular deep cleans. There is no easier or better way to get the job done than with Vamoosh's Washing Machine Cleaner, available from CleanHQ.

If you have pets, then you may want to give your washing machine a double punch with Vamoosh's Pet Hair Dissolver. You can also pick up a dishwasher cleaner from Vamoosh. If it cleans for you, then you have to keep it clean and working at optimum efficiency! In addition to a variety of Vamoosh products, you can shop for a wide range of cleaning products at CleanHQ. We stock everything you need to keep your home, business, or vehicle as clean as a whistle.

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