How to clean your silver jewellery using The Pink Stuff

By Carl Pronti

How to clean your silver jewellery using The Pink Stuff

Whilst many of us pride ourselves on having a sparkling clean house, the idea of cleaning our favourite silver jewellery so that it shines as brightly as the day we first wore it can be overwhelming. In a budget and environmentally-conscious world, you may be searching for eco-friendly cleaning products that you can use in a multitude of situations, including on your favourite jewellery.

Made from 99% natural ingredients, The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste is a budget and eco-friendly option that may not seem like the natural choice for cleaning your jewellery, but once you have tried the cleaning hack below, you will wonder why you didn't use it sooner!

Step one: Organise your equipment

After identifying your favourite pieces of jewellery to clean, collect the following equipment:

1. Scrub Mommy Sponge
2. A bowl of clean, warm water
3. The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste
4. A clean, dry cloth
5. A clean towel

Step two: Using the Scrub Mommy

1. Soak your Scrub Mommy in warm water to make the sponge soft
2. Complete a spot test* before gently wiping over your jewellery to remove any loose particles and residue
3. Rinse the Scrub Mommy clean and place to one side

Step three: The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste

1. Complete a spot test*
2. If the spot test is clear, gently rub The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste onto your jewellery
3. Gently remove the paste from your jewellery using a clean sponge
4. Rinse your jewellery under cold water to remove any excess residue
5. Polish your jewellery with a clean, dry cloth
5. Place on a clean towel to dry

After cleaning your favourite silver jewellery with the Scrub Mummy and The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste, why not try the same cleaning hack on your silverware, cutlery, light fittings and silver-based products?

If you haven't already, you can purchase The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste and the Scrub Mommy in a bundle pack. The Scrub Mommy even comes in a range of colours to help you avoid cross-contamination!

*Always complete a spot test in a small, inconspicuous area before using The Pink Stuff and Scrub Daddy on your jewellery and silverware.

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  • Brilliant results on my gold and silver rings πŸ’ it really β€œdoes do what it says on the tin!!”

    Carol Gray on

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