Get Ready Australia, Scrub Mommy Has Gone Aussie Shaped

By Carl Pronti

Get Ready Australia, Scrub Mommy Has Gone Aussie Shaped

Scrub Daddy is launching a world-first, and you heard it here first!

The masterminds behind the globe's favourite sponge are launching a new set of Scrub Mommy sponges, and they're as Australian as they come! That's right, the brand is launching Scrub Mommy Grey Koala, Scrub Mommy Orange Kangaroo, and Scrub Mommy Yellow Quokka.

Aussie-Themed Scrub Mommies

You've seen the Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy special shapes before, the Christmas shapes and Halloween fun, but now you can embrace something a little closer to home.

Grey Koala

If you're a koala lover, then this one is for you! It provides the same scrubbing power as your standard Scrub Mommy but comes in an adorable koala shape. It's an ideal option for use in an outdoor kitchen or scouring your hob.

Orange Kangaroo

Forget bouncing babies it's time to embrace the scrubbing power of a bouncing orange kangaroo with just as powerful a punch! This handy sponge can tackle anything you throw at it, whether you're tackling a casserole dish or scrubbing the oven.

Yellow Quokka

It's everyone's favourite Aussie animal, the ever-smiling quokka! Now you can invite one directly into your home and have it help with all your cleaning needs.

Shape Shifting

The good news is you don't need to pick which shape is right for you! With so many options available and in different colours, you can buy them all and assign them specific tasks. Maybe the orange kangaroo is dedicated to bathroom cleaning, while the grey koala is for outdoor furniture. It's up to you!

The Power of the Scrub

Scrub Daddy is a trusted brand for a reason. The story may have started with a single yellow sponge, but the product range has expanded and with every addition, that reputation has only grown.

In addition to the Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy sponges you've come to know and love, Scrub Daddy has also released a range of eraser sponges, steel scourers, and damp dusters.

On the cleaning product front, Scrub Daddy has a Power Paste and a Multi-Surface Cleaner that pair perfectly with their scrubbing team. The paste cleans and polishes, and it's clay-based, chemical-free product designed to tackle limescale, food residue, grease, and soap scum!

The BBQ Daddy will keep your grill sparkling clean with a scraping tool and a stainless steel mesh FlexTexture head that cleans with the power of a steel brush, but without the risk of bristles. There's even a handy bottle opener, so you have everything you need to hand.

Shop Scrub Mommy Aussie Sponges at CleanHQ

Scrub Mommy is created using the same powerful materials that go into making the Scrub Daddy. They're so effective because of the ResoFoam and FlexTexture. The ResoFoam side remains soft and sudsy to aid your cleaning, and the FlexTexture reacts to the water temperature to soften or firm up for the power you're looking for.

If you just can't get enough of the Scrub Daddy brand, check out the full range on CleanHQ.



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