Fabulosa's Sparkling New Range: Fresh Scents & Innovative Solutions

By Carl Pronti

Fabulosa's Sparkling New Range: Fresh Scents & Innovative Solutions

As if Fabulosa wasn't fabulous enough, there are brand-new products to get excited about. From new fragrances in existing product ranges to brand-new products just waiting to take over your cleaning cupboard. Fabulosa has even delivered limited edition season fragrances which are sure to capture your attention.

New Fragrances

Concentrated Disinfectant

Wild Rhubarb, Electrify, and Lemon Sherbet have long been the stars of Fabulosa's Concentrated Disinfectant range, but now they have some competition from these delicious new fragrances. Whether it's Lime, Basil and Mandarin that piques your interest, Pear Drops or Sumptuous Fruits, there are plenty of options to choose from – even a range of seasonal fragrances that are moving fast.

Antibacterial Spray

It's time to try something new – Black Cherry Merlot, Pineapple & Coconut, and Lemon Lavender are the new kids on the block and as much as you love Unicorn Dust, it's time to branch out.

Laundry Cleaner

If you love Fabulosa laundry cleaners, then you probably already know just how incredible laundry smells after a Fab bath. You may already be familiar with Electrify and Precious Gold, but now you can add Coconut, Lush Pomegranate, and Fresh Breeze to the rotation. You can also pick up Laundry Perfume in the same scents.

Limited Edition Season Fragrances

You're in luck this season because Fabulosa has delivered three fabulous limited edition season fragrances, and they're available in antibacterial spray and concentrated disinfectant as well. 

Bondi Crush

It's one of the world's most famous beaches for a reason, which is why this fragrance incorporates all the right notes. With top notes of sweet orange blossom, base notes of vanilla, coconut, and light musk, and complementary notes of sandalwood and amber. It's a triumph, and it's the perfect cleaning accessory.

Waikiki Dreams

It doesn't have to be a dream, you can enjoy fruity tones, touches of spice, white lily, and green leaves in your own home without making the trek to Waikiki.

Bali Vibes

If you prefer a sweet scent, then Bali Vibes will cover you with a bouquet of fruity fragrances, incorporating everything from pineapples and peaches to citrus fruit, strawberries, apples, and even a touch of vanilla.

Brand New Products

Laundry Perfume

If you're looking to add a long-lasting pleasant scent to all of your clean laundry, look no further than Fabulosa's range of Laundry Perfume.

Room & Fabric Freshener

You can freshen up your upholstery, reduce odours in your bedroom or spruce up that shirt you haven't worn in a while, all thanks to Fabulosa's Room & Fabric Freshener.

Release The Crease Spray

If you're tired of ironing lightly creased clothing, try Fabulosa's Release the Crease spray. It expertly handles the job and it smells great, too.

Bicarb Cleaner Spray

If you want to harness the cleansing power of bicarbonate of soda while benefiting from the delicious scent of Fabulosa – try Bicarb Cleaner Spray to easily cut through grime and grease.

Shimmering Shower Spray

If you're in the market for a powerful, daily shower cleaner designed to tackle soap scum and limescale with ease, Shimmering Shower Spray delivers on both fronts, and it smells wonderful. 

If you love Fabulosa, then there is plenty to be excited about as CleanHQ launches a full range of new products, new fragrances, and limited edition scents.


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