Dishwasher Bliss: Master the Art of Cleaning for Sparkling Dishes

By Carl Pronti

Dishwasher Bliss: Master the Art of Cleaning for Sparkling Dishes

If you expect your dishwasher to clean your dishes, cutlery and anything else you toss in, you must keep it clean! There are plenty of ways to do just that – some are easier and more efficient than others, but either way, it’s not rocket science. Plus, as always, we have some great tips to help.

Step by Step

A daily clean is simple – you should remove any food debris you see within the dishwasher. A weekly clean should be treated with more care. You will need a handful of cleaning products to handle this process. You need a small scrub brush, an anti-bacterial cleaning spray, cleaning cloth, and washing-up liquid.

Start with the seals – it's easy! Spray down the seals, buttons, and essentially, everything on the edges of the appliance, including handles. All you have to do is wipe these areas down with a cloth, just be sure to get into the seals. You might need to use your scrub brush if you have a stubborn stain or spot. Once you've cleaned the surface, polish them with a Minky Kitchen Pad.

Don't forget to tackle the filter – it's important that this remains debris-free and avoids gunk build-up to keep your machine running strong. Remove the filter and place it in a sink with hot water and a few drops of washing-up liquid – wash any debris away with a scrub brush and rinse it before you put it back in place.

The Deepest Clean: Vamoosh Dishwasher Cleaner

It's a product so effective that it deserves its own headline – yes, Vamoosh Dishwasher Cleaner does all the hard work while you sit back and wait. Vamoosh offers six-in-one action – not only does it tackle nasty odours and clear grease and grime, it eliminates limescale, cleans hygienically, maintains the machine, and gets into all the nooks and crannies.

It couldn't be easier to use – you only need to remove the inner sachet from the packet and place it flat on your empty dishwasher's top rack. You want to choose the longest cycle and at least 65° C. Once the cycle is complete, you can remove the permeable sachet. It truly is as easy as that, and it's the perfect monthly deep clean!

Carry out the weekly cleaning routine before you launch your deep clean, but when you carry out a deep clean, remove the baskets and any extra trays you use for dishwasher organisation. Everything that can be removed for cleaning should be removed and cleaned.

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Your dishwasher is an essential appliance, and if you want it to operate at optimum, you have to take care of it. That means cleaning it regularly and well so that it can keep your dishes nice and clean in return. Regularly cleaning your dishwasher will extend the appliance's lifespan and enhance the kitchen's overall hygiene levels.

Whether you love the products you know or you're willing to branch out, CleanHQ has whatever you're looking for. From everything you need to leave your kitchen sparkling to the products designed to tackle even the grimiest bathroom, shop a variety of the biggest brands on our website today.


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