Ultimate Guide to a Spotless Kitchen Sink with CleanHQ

By Carl Pronti

Ultimate Guide to a Spotless Kitchen Sink with CleanHQ

The kitchen is a germ hotspot. Whether it's food particles from dirty dishes or the grim that comes from endless hand-washing, the kitchen sink is filthy whether you can see it or not. So, regular cleaning is a must!

People often use bleach to clean their sink, which seems easy enough, but is that the best way to wash your kitchen sink? It's where you wash your fruits and vegetables, pour water, and wash dishes. It seems like more elbow grease should be involved and fewer harsh chemicals.

Good news, you can use less elbow grease and save yourself from harsh chemicals!

Build Your Cleaning Kit

In addition to a cleaning sponge or pad, you will need the cleaning product of your choice and a scrub brush.

Our recommendations for your sink cleaning kit include the Minky Kitchen Pad, the Scrub Daddy, PowerPaste, and Astonish Extra Strength Anti-Bacterial Cleaner. These are all the tools you will need for every kitchen sink clean, from the quick wipe to the deep clean.

The Quickie

The quick clean is simple – wipe down the sink, tapware, and basin with warm, soapy water or use the Astonish cleaning spray. The Minky Kitchen Pad is an excellent tool here to help you prevent dirt accumulation and stave off limescale. Its antibacterial properties are particularly useful around the kitchen sink. You can also use a dry Minky Kitchen Pad to buff your surfaces to the perfect shine.

The Quickie Kitchen Sink Clean should be carried out daily.

The Big One

You don't need to clear your calendar for a deep clean, but you should invest time into a weekly deep-clean. Before you begin, you should remove any dishes or food products from the area. Wipe down the area to remove any debris or crumbs.

The Astonish Spray is still your friend for spraying your tapware and the surrounding area, but now it's time to engage your little scrub brush to get into the nooks and crannies around your taps. If you notice a build-up in these areas, apply cleaning paste to the affected area and allow it to sit for at least five minutes before you scrub it away with the brush.

Now it's time to clean the sink – you can use PowerPaste to tackle this job, and it's as simple as following the directions. It's chemical-free but has built-in grit that will help you tackle even the most stubborn stains. Once the deep clean is complete, you can buff with a dry Minky Kitchen Pad.

The Monthly Pipe Cleaning

Just because you clean your sink regularly doesn't mean you should forget about your pipes. You can use everyday household items for this.

Start by slowly sprinkling around half a cup of bicarbonate down the drain and then slowly pour a cup of vinegar behind it. Place a cover over the drain to let it get to work, and wash it all away with hot water after 15 minutes.

Shop Cleaning Products at CleanHQ

At CleanHQ, we stock various cleaning products for every room and use. It's important to keep your kitchen sink clean, and the tips above can easily fit into your existing routine – you'll prevent bacteria spread and cross-contamination and prolong the life of your kitchen fixtures and fittings.


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