6 Different Ways to Use Your Scrub Daddy

By Carl Pronti

6 Different Ways to Use Your Scrub Daddy

Using your Scrub Daddy for so much more than just the washing up.

We all love how Scrub Daddy’s polymer FlexTexture changes feel, depending on how hot you have your water.

Remaining firm in cold water for those tough scrubbing jobs, but completely changing to a soft texture when placed in hot water for a more delicate clean.

It’s this unique characteristic that makes your Scrub Daddy a highly versatile sponge that has so many more uses than simply doing the sometimes monotonous washing up.

Thinking outside the box, here are 6 different and clever ways to use Scrub Daddy.

1. Clean your BBQ

Is your outdoor BBQ looking a little black and crusty?

For a clean that works a lot better than beer and old newspaper, try using an old Scrub Daddy that is past its use by date in the kitchen as an outdoor cleaner.

One of the coolest things about Scrub Daddy is how long and varied their lifecycle can be.

Once you think that it’s on its last legs, take it outside and BAM you have yourself a durable outdoor scrubber for BBQs, outdoor surfaces, furniture and the like.

Clean the BBQ plate and grill by removing it, then using your Scrub Daddy with cold water from the hose.

The cold water will ensure the texture of your Scrub Daddy stays firm, helping you to grind away that old food and grilled on grease.

2. Use Scrub Daddy’s smile to quickly clean cutlery

The smile on Scrub Daddy is so much more than just a pretty face.

Arguably the most useful aspect of your Scrub Daddy, the smile allows you to quickly clean every nook and cranny on your cutlery.

No matter how well we seem to wash our forks, there somehow always seems to be one or two specs between the spikes that a regular scour just doesn’t hit.

How, right?!

But by sliding your cutlery into the smile and squeezing down, Scrub Daddy’s polymer FlexTexture certainly doesn’t miss.

By sliding them back and forwards through his clenched mouth, the smiley face will help you clean both the front and back of your cutlery simultaneously.

Try using a Scrub Daddy dog shape for smaller cutlery items and save big daddy’s smile for larger items like spatulas.

3. Scrub your fruit and vegetables

Use a clean Scrub Daddy to give your fruit or vegetables a good scrub to get rid of waxes and any leftover nasties.

We’re all guilty of being lured in by the cleanest, shiniest produce at the supermarket and while that unnatural wax coating is entirely edible… it’s certainly not organic.

To remove this light film, use a specialist vegetable wash or make your own using a mixture of warm water, lemon juice and a tiny splash of baking soda.

Let the water cool and use the course edges of your Scrub Daddy to rub back and forwards over your produce.

Best of all, your Scrub Daddy is rough enough to clean and remove the coating, but soft enough to ensure the veg doesn’t crumble in your hand.

If you’ve ever used a course vegetable brush for this job, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

4. Wash your car

Before even typing these words, I can already hear you screaming back through the screen - “But won’t my Scrub Daddy scratch the delicate duco on my car?”

Nope, you can tell Dad to relax because Scrub Daddy is completely safe to use while washing the car.

Like most of us weekend warriors who give the car a quick wash on the driveway every Sunday morning (...okay, every second Sunday morning), you’re likely using a large and cumbersome sponge.

When it comes to getting into those hard to reach spaces like the front grill or around your wheels, swap the sponge out for your old Scrub Daddy and watch what happens.

As soon as your Scrub Daddy hits that bucket of warm soapy water, it softens to allow you to delicately clean all those hard to reach spots.

If you need a more heavy duty scrub, just adjust the water temperature to fit.

You’ll soon find your car washing sweet-spot.

5. Clean the grooves of your jaffle maker

We’re heading into winter down under and there’s no better comfort food than a boiling hot cheese jaffle or toastie.

Literally oozing mozzarella out the sides with a sprinkle of parmesan over the top before closing the machine shut...

The best.

But I’ll tell you what’s not the best?

Cleaning out the crusty, cheesy grooves of your jaffle maker.

For something so good, gosh that old and burnt on cheese is tough to get rid of when you’re doing the washing up.

Instead of scratching the cheese and plastic out alongside it with a knife, try using your Scrub Daddy as a scrubber on stubborn food remnants.

The same concept can be applied to toastie makers, muffin pans, cake tins and don’t you dare get me started on the sides of slow cookers.

Scrub Daddy to the rescue again.

6. Clean dried tea or coffee from the bottom of mugs

It may just be my OCD, but there’s nothing I hate more than serving tea or coffee to friends in stained mugs.

I know they’re not dirty as such, but argh!

The classic way to remove coffee stains from the bottom of your mugs is to use a solution of baking soda and warm water which forms a cleaning paste.

But if you can get the warm water temperature just right, Scrub Daddy’s course, malleable edges don’t even need any extra assistance to work its magic.

Push your Scrub Daddy down into the bottom of the mug and watch the way it moulds and grips to every nook and cranny along the base.

Having one less thing to stress about during the day is a win in my book!

There are many more ways to use Scrub Daddy

While we’ve covered 6 different ways to use your Scrub Daddy outside of your regular washing up routine here, this is by no means an extensive list.

Now you have a course, yet still soft and malleable Scrub Daddy at your fingertips, we’ll pass the baton onto you.

Go grab a Scrub Daddy 3 pack from CleanHQ today and give us a chance to solve your unique household cleaning problems.

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